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Why Fewer Customers Walk Through Your Door

You live in the real world but customers are increasingly searching for you in the digital world. Here’s why:

Florists Are Growing Again. Finally

There is a unique opportunity for florists in 2022! Shop owners that invest in SEO are seeing a 10x return on their investments. It’s simply the fastest and least expensive way to generate new business.

$30,093 in 3 months
Dramatically Increase Web Sales

The average shop in TeamFloral’s program sees thousands of dollars a month in additional sales. Each and every month.

Lose the Frustration
Lose the Frustration

Tired of marketing schemes that don’t deliver? This is the perfect solution.

No More Worrying
No More Risk

The results are so reliable, you get a money-back guarantee. You don’t pay if the results don’t cover the cost.

Florist Specialists
Florist Specialists
Florist Specialists

At TeamFloral, we have dedicated our careers to assisting florists to create thriving businesses. We love florists, and we have worked with over a thousand shops in the last 15 years.

We Only Work With Florists

We’re a team of florist specialists by your side to assist you in keeping your business growing and thriving during these uncertain times.

Find your Business
Unlocking Untapped Sales

Unlock tens of thousands of dollars in additional untapped sales

Really Simple Process
90-Day Guarantee

We’ve always had a money-back guarantee, because if you’re not happy, neither are we

Really Simple Process
Simple Success

Growing a successful flower shop isn’t easy … but it can be simple, if you have the right partner.

Risk Free
Trust is paramount

More than 1,000 florists have trusted TeamFloral and you can too

"Customer Keeper brings huge sales increases"

Customer Finder plans protected by our 90-day, money-back guarantee

Customer Finder Standard
Customer Finder Standard
$ 295 / Month

An entry-level plan to begin managing your online presence so you can grow your business. Increase your shop’s visibility on Google for up to 3 miles.

98% of customers on this plan
customer finder standard
Customer Finder professional
$ 495 / Month

Our pro plan. Serious work towards your online presence and growing your shop. The average Customer Finder member earns $4,000 per month in additional sales!

How It Works

It’s simple to get started with TeamFloral. You'll be joining our community of hundreds of smart shop owners

Book A Call
Book A Call

This part is fun and insightful because we use advanced tools to show you how your shop (and your competitors) "look" online.

Join A Membership
Join A Program

Together, we'll tailor a program that’s perfect for your shop. Joining is easy because every program is guaranteed to pay for itself.

Deliver New Orders
Get Back To Your Passion

Stay focused on your shop while we take care of making sure it looks as beautiful online as it does in the real world.

*If you don’t earn more in new additional revenue than the cost of your Customer Finder membership, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked! More details

What Our Customers Say

Florists love TeamFloral, and they love the huge increases in sales they achieve!

Helping Florists Succeed

Most Florists struggle to increase their sales and compete against the national advertisers, so TeamFloral have created a proven process that drives new customers every month, so that florists can start growing again.

We have a series of programs to help florists succeed in this competitive and uncertain landscape. Our Customer Finder program helps florists find their next customers and generate more sales. Our customers have told us they’ve found it hard to grow their business and seek to learn how to grow a flower shop.

SEO for florists (search engine optimization) is what TeamFloral specializes in. We are the largest provider of SEO for florists in the United States and we now also have customers in Canada.

We love helping florists succeed and have dedicated our careers to helping the progression of the industry in any way we can. Our team and the company advisory board members collectively have decades worth of experience in the floral industry.

So if you’re a designer and owner of a local flower shop, and you’re ready to fight back against the effect of pandemics, technology and national advertisers then book a call with TeamFloral, and we’ll talk to you about how we’re currently helping hundreds of others shops do exactly that.

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