Jennifer Strickland
The Floral Boutique

Higher AOV

Jennifer Strickland, Owner

Jennifer's sales staff was empowered by our training to sell what she really wanted to sell, sell at a higher price point, and get add ons. AOV went up by $30 due to TeamFloral web merchandising strategy.  

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Kit Whigham
Sanford Flower Shop

Free from tech struggles

Kit whigham, Owner

Kit struggled with technology until TeamFloral took that worry off her plate.  Now she has time to spend in the community to build a name for her shop.

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Joe Smith
Clermont Florist

Time to grow

joe smith, Owner

Joe, owner of Clermont Florist, was so busy with day to day he didn't have time to think about growth.  Thanks to sales training and resources from TeamFloral, he is now growing.


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Playa Del Rey Testimony cover image
Playa Del Rey Florist

More fun at work

Lance Williams, Owner

For the past 24 years Lance has been the owner of Playa Del Rey Florist, a flower shop established in 1950. He was attracted to the floral industry and the area and despite it being a 'lot of hard work' his business has evolved into something very enjoyable.

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Ellenton Florist
Ellenton Florist

Freed up his time

Majed Baddai, Owner

Majed, owner of Ellenton Florist, says TeamFloral has taken a weight off his shoulders, freed up his time to help his staff and he loves when we tell him "just let us know what you need - we'll do it"

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Becki Creighton
Flowers by Fudgie

Increased profits

Becki Creighton, Owner

Becki, owner of Flowers By Fudgie, has found that after joining the TeamFloral Customer Finder Professional membership, her store’s profitability has increased in leaps and bounds. She’s found that what she’s spent with TeamFloral has brought a 5-fold increase in revenue to her business. Listen to her story here.

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Mike Gaouette
Waverley Flowers

Higher price points

Mike Gaouette, Owner

Mike, owner of Waverley Flowers, found that TeamFloral made them more profitable by helping them understand how to successfully sell at a higher price point.  Says cost of TeamFloral is minimal compared to what it generates in profit.

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Heaven Scent Flowers Testimony cover image
Heaven Scent Flowers

Additional sales

Susie Sayger, Owner

Susie, owner of Heaven Scent Flowers in Bonita Springs, Florida, had typical but amazing results from her Customer Finder Professional Membership. She generated over $24,000 in additional sales due to Customer Finder in only 3 months. See more about her story here.

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Giordanos Testimony cover image
Giordano's Floral Creations

Cash flow problems gone

Ralph Giordano, Owner

Ralph's biggest stuggle, even after running his family flower shop for over 20 years was cash flow. Ralph was considering closing his doors before he joined Customer Finder. He didn't close, and has since had his best year in sales. Listen to his story here.

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TeamFloral Case Studies

TeamFloral has over 1,000 satisfied customers and we’ve received lots and lots of thank you emails over the years. We’ve found that some customers wanted to go even further in their recommendation of TeamFloral by recording testimonial videos, where they share the before and after of their flower shop business.

Floral designers across the United States and Canada are finding it harder and harder to find new customers, especially during these uncertain times. We at TeamFloral have dedicated our careers to helping florists succeed. We’ve helped flower shop owners with many things over the years by helping them manage their websites, giving accounting consultations, providing free webinars, creating arrangement libraries, and so much more. We are here to help in anyway we can.

Our latest program, however, is the one we’re most proud of, and the work our customers have found helped the most increase their profitability.

Our Customer Finder programs have helped florists have their best year to date, increase their sales dramatically and drive hundreds of new visitors to their website.

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