New Customers for Florists each and every month

A proven customer finder process, to explode your sales in 90-days (or your money back)

New Customers for Florists each and every month
Customers can find you in the physical world, but how about the digital world?
Here’s the problem:
Google Decides

Google is the one that decides which flower shop is the best


Less and less customers are ordering in-store and they’re ordering online

Prime Location

You can have the prime location in town but be nowhere to be found online

You Don’t Appear

When a customer searches ‘florist’ a mile from your store, you don’t appear

It Hasn’t Worked

What you’ve tried before to increase your customers hasn’t worked and it’s frustrating

It’s Difficult

It’s difficult to learn and find the time to build your store’s visibility online

TeamFloral have helped over 1,000+ florists get more sales and become successful business owners

"Customer Keeper brings huge sales increases"

More Customers in 90-days
On-Demand Plans to Help You Run and Grow Your Flower Shop
How Customer Finder Works
Book A Call
Book A Call

Book a time to jump on a call with a TeamFloral expert where we run a free local scan to check your online visiblity

Join A Plan
Join A Plan

Join our money-back guaranteed Customer Finder plan and we get to work making you Google’s top florist

Business Success
Business Success

You've made your business a success by creating a consistent flow of new customers into your shop by owning your local market

Increased Revenue Month to Month

Here are the average amounts our shops have increased their revenue in the first 6 months.

Avg. Revenue Increase
Avg. New Shoppers
Avg. increase in Google Searches
Average Customers Growth
Average Growth
in 3 Months
New Customers
11,578 New Customers
Average Return

The average Customer Finder Professional member increased monthly revenue by over $10,000 per month. Some florist’s saw returns of over $15,000 per month.

In Additional Sales

Quarterly additional sales. Sales during a 3 month period of running Customer Finder

Google Search Box

Customer Finder customers on average recieved 9,917 google search box results

Website Visitors

On average 1,028 more visitors landed on each Customer Finder florist in 3 months

You’re Our Sole Focus
Customer Finder
  • Over 1,000 florists helped
  • Hundreds of thousands in additional sales
  • 15+ Years working solely with Florists
  • Private Florist community
What Florists Are Saying

What florists on our Customer Finder memberships are saying

Customer Finder Plans
Customer Finder Standard
Customer Finder Standard
$ 295 / Month
  • Optimise Hidden GMB Settings
  • Manage GMB Hours & Holidays
  • Monthly Optimised GMB Images
  • Monthly Optimised GMB Q&A
  • Add New GMB Features
  • Daily GMB Posts
  • Showcase Reviews on Website
98% of customers on this plan
customer finder standard
Customer Finder professional
$ 495 / Month
Everything in Customer Finder Standard, plus:
  • Link Building - Branded Authority
  • Link Building - Location Authority
  • Link Building - Florist Authority
  • Citation - Local & General
  • Citation - Niche Florist Directories
  • On-Page - Optimize Site Content
  • On-Page - Keyword Optimization
  • On-Page - Schema Markup
100% Guaranteed;
No Risk

We’re so confident that you’ll ean back more than you spend in new, additional revenue from sales solely from Google search, that we give a 90-day money back guarantee

Find your Business
90-Day Guarantee

Earn more than you spend or your money back!

Really Simple Process
Really Simple Process

Growing a successful flower shop is not easy, but it can be simple

Really Simple Process
Largest SEO Provider In USA

TeamFloral are the largest provider of SEO for florists in the USA

Risk Free
Risk Free

If you don’t earn more back than you spend we’ll return your money, no questions asked.

Valued Partners
Become Google’s Favorite Florist

The key during these uncertain times is to make sure you’re Google’s top florist. You can be the best florist delivering beautiful art and arrangements, but if Google doesn’t think so, you’re losing tens of thousands* in sales.

*Customer Finder customers on average return over $10,000 per calendar month in additional sales

Helping Florists Find Customers

Our Customer Finder programs have been uniquely tailored to help florists increase the amount of customer and order they receive. As you know, sales truly is the breath of life in any business. With heavily-reduced retail/foot-traffic due to the shift to online sales and pandemics, flower shop customers are no longer walking through the door like they use to.

This means it’s vital that florists adapt. Sale and marketing need to shift online, where the customers currently are, and it takes a lot of work. It also takes a unique set of skills. Technology changes quickly, and keeping up with it is a full-time job in and of itself.

This is why TeamFloral created the Customer Finder programs. Customer Finder Standard, and Customer Finder Professional. These are easy to connect programs that florists can join to increase their sales. Our team stays up to date with the latest technology and search engine algorithms, and we use this information to deliver a custom set of SEO monthly updates to increase your shop's visibility, and thus, customers.

Did you know that Google has a ‘map box’ which displays its 3 recommended florists on a users Google search? Nearly all your potential customers use this map box to track down a local florist for their order. If you’re not in this top 3, you’re nearly invisible to most of your potential customers.

Hundreds of flowers shops just like yours are seeing the huge benefits of our Customer Finder programs each and every month. Massive increases in sales for florists, and more orders for flower shops across the United States.

Our results are so consistent that we guarantee it. If you don’t see more revenue in new, additional sales than you spend on the Customer Finder program, we’ll give you your money back.

So join TeamFloral, the largest provider of SEO services for florists in the United States.

Become Google’s Favorite Florist

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Our Average Customer Finder Florist Will
Drive $9,038 in additional sales in 90-days